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Interim Reports



Interim Reports

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Interim Report


Case Notes


I wrote these interim reports while conducting mock computer forensic investigations during college at ITT Technical Institute. The reports were written consistent in accordance to recommendations found in Electronic Crime Scene Investigation: A Guide for First Responders by the National Institute of Justice. Some data formatting changes occurred when posting the reports online from the original Word Document reports. The data and evidence examination is real but the victims and crimes were fictitious for training purposes.



Computer Forensics, Associate of Applied Science


 Associate of Applied Science in Computer Forensics December 2012 ITT Technical Institute

 Summa Cum Laude with highest honors

 GPA 3.8/4.0

 Awarded sponsorship into the National Technical Honor Society in 2012


Computer Forensic Degree Courses


 Computer Forensics for the First Responder (CF200)

 Cybercrime and Digital Forensic Tools (CF210)

 Computer Forensics: Evidence Collection and Preservation (CF220)

 Practical Windows Forensics and Networking (CF300)

 Practical Linux Forensics and Networking (CF310)

 Computer Forensics: Evidence Analysis and Presentation (CF320)

 Computer Forensics Capstone (CF380)

 Criminal Law (CJ123)

 Introduction to Criminal Justice (CJ131)

 Criminal Investigation (CJ241)

 Constitutional Law (CJ333)

 OS Platforms and Computer Technologies (IT181)

 Fundamentals of Networking Technologies (IT182)

 Information Security Fundamentals (IT183)

 State and Local Government (GE172)

 Strategies for Learning in a Technical Environnent (TB139)

 Introduction to Computing (TB145)

 Problem Solving (TB184)

 Professional Procedures and Portfolio Development (TB332)

 Composition I (GE117)

 College Mathematics I (GE127)

 Composition II (GE217)

 Microeconomics (GE347)


Books Read

Computer Forensics: Investigation Procedures and Response - EC-Council



Computer Forensics and Essential Guide for Accountants, Layers and Managers - Michael Sheetz


Computer Forensics: Evidence Collection and Preservation - EC-Council



Practical Windows Forensics and Networking - EC-Council



Practical Linux Forensic and Networking - EC-Council



Computer Forensics: Evidence Analysis and Presentation - EC-Council


Real Digital Forensics Computer Security and Incident and Response - Keith J. Jones, Richard Bejtlich, Curtis W. Rose


Managing eDiscovery and ESI: From Pre-Litigation to Trial - Michael D. Berman, Courtney Ingraffia Barton, Paul W. Grimm


Essentials of Criminal Law - Neil C. Chamelin, Andrew Thomas



Criminal Justice Today: An Introductory Text for the Twenty First Century - Frank J. Schmalleger


Criminal Investigation Basic Perspectives - Charles A. Lushbaugh, Paul B. Weston



Constitutional Values: Governmental Powers and Individual Freedoms - Daniel E. Hall, John P. Feldmeier


Operating Systems - Rohit Khurana



Network+ Fundamentals and Certification - Russell Hillpot, Michael Ivy


Information Security Principles and Practices - Mark Merkow, Jim Breithaupt







John B. Baird

Bradenton, FL 34207 • 941-363-1144 • johnbairdpc at gmail dot com



Computer Forensics graduate open to relocation with ten years of information technology experience and self-educated knowledge. Proficient with a variety of IT tools and techniques used in collecting, analyzing and reporting on the electronic / digital evidence of criminal cases. Highly organized, effective communicator and a fast learner of new emerging technologies.



Associate of Applied Science, Computer Forensics

ITT Technical Institute • December 2012


Summa Cum Laude highest honors 3.8 GPA graduate 2012


Book Contributions

Learning iOS Forensics, Mattia Epifani & Pasquale Stirparo, Packt Publishing, 2015


Skills and Qualifications

Forensic tools mentioned were physically used during mock forensic investigation cases.

 Forensic Techniques: EnCE EnCase Certified Examiner (in progress), Evidence preservation, imaging, hash computation, evidence investigation, network analysis, intrusion detection, eDiscovery, file carving, signature analysis, encryption, stenography, legal precedence, interim report writing

 Forensic Tools: EnCase, FTK, WireShark, HashTool, Backtrack, Autopsy, Snort, Cellebrite, XRY

Operating Systems: Windows, OS X, Linux Ubuntu, Linux Backtrack, iOS, Android, PlayStation, Xbox

 IT Techniques: Adding and removing hardware, building PCs, network cabling, racking servers, router and switch programming, VoIP installation

 IT Tools: VMWare, Exchange, MySQL, Lotus Notes, Avaya, Merlin, Fusion, TechBuddy, Google Apps, McAfee Virus Scan Enterprise, Bombard, Altiris, BMC Remedy ticketing

Forensic Compliant: Daubert standard, Frye standard, National Institute of Justice standard


Professional Experience

John Baird PC, Bradenton, FL • Self-employed IT Technician • 2002 - Present

Professionally served technical needs of residents and small-medium businesses including professions; doctors, dentists and private schools. Offered training, consulting, networking, security, servers, mobile devices and software for high profile clients such as Raymond James Financial Services.

Wells Fargo, Lakeland, FL • Contractual IT Technician • 2011

Administrated on-site technical support and server racking of multiple locations for transition from Wachovia to Wells Fargo merger.

Smith & Nephew, St. Petersburg, FL • Contractual IT Technician • 2011

Supported IT department during a zero-day virus outbreak effecting network-wide computers of 300+ enterprise users.

AOL - Computer Generated Solutions, Tampa, FL • IT Technician • 2010 - 2011

Effectively provided tier 1, 2 & 3 technical support for AOL server and client user issues using software VoIP, remote desktop management and virtual machine tools in a metric-driven environment.


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Interim Reports



State and Local Government: The Essentials - Ann O’M. Bowman, Richard C. Kearney